Thank you for your interest in booking my photography services! You can get a sense of my style and breadth of experience by browsing the images in this sample portfolio.  I am proud to include hundreds of the SF Bay Area's and the world's top dance companies and schools in my client list.

I am committed to supporting fellow artists by providing my world-class, award-winning photography to capture your artistry in performance, during rehearsals, in the photo studio, or on location outside the traditional performance space. Because I charge on a sliding scale, you will find my rates for artists to be extremely reasonable compared to what other top-tier professional photographers charge. Most important, when you book me you will receive images that don't look exactly like thousands of others, but instead showcase your work in its true, authentic form. I can help you to capture and share what's unique about your art and what sets you apart from the crowd. This in turn will help you grow your engagement with audiences, the media, and the donor community.

I look forward to creating something special with you! Take the first step by filling out this short Request for Quote form.

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