"Your photos blow me away. Exquisite. I’d love to create a photo/performance/collaboration with you. So rarely do I LOVE a Photographer’s work. Just stunning eye!" --Anandha Ray, internationally renowned choreographer, dance director, master teacher

Q: What services do you offer for dancers, actors, models, musicians, and other performing artists?  A: I am committed to supporting my fellow artists by providing my world-class, award-winning photography to capture your artistry and tell your unique story.  Simply put, I can provide nearly any photography services you may require for your arts company or school, or for your personal needs as an artist.  These services include performance and rehearsal captures, behind-the-scenes photos for your company/studio, on-location shoots to capture a particular theme, and of course your headshots, action portraits, and audition photos. 

Q: Where can we have our photoshoot?  A: Depending on your needs, we can set up your photoshoot at a performance, during rehearsals (especially dress/tech), in the photo studio, or on location outside the traditional performance space.  My goal is for the location and style of the shoot to enhance the storytelling to help you achieve your results.

Q: How are you different from other photographers out there?  A: I am proud to include hundreds of the SF Bay Area's and the world's top performing arts companies and schools in my client list. But it is my experience as a travel photographer and fine art photographer that sets me apart from the many other talented performing arts photographers out there.  My work in those genres has yielded major international awards, publications, and exhibitions, and provides a broader and more artistic perspective.  I emphasize telling your story visually, not just "getting the shot" for a few individual moments (but don't worry, we'll also be sure to capture the peak moments of your work!).  When you entrust me to tell your story you will receive images that don't look exactly like thousands of others, but instead showcase your work in its true, authentic form. This in turn will help you grow your engagement with audiences, the media, and the donor community.

Q: Are you a performing artist yourself?  A: Yes, in addition to my full-time professional career as a photographer, I also perform as Principal Trombonist in several local community orchestras and chamber ensembles.  These experiences help me understand the needs of my performing arts clients.

Q: What are your rates for performing arts photography?  A: Because I charge on a sliding scale, you will likely find my rates for artists to be very reasonable compared to what other top-tier professional photographers charge.  Every project is different and will be custom quoted, but for a straightforward performance/rehearsal photoshoot or for a personal session for your headshots, action portraits, or audition photos, my fees will usually be in the range of $275-$525.  Other than for travel outside of the SF Bay Area and for studio rental fees, permits, and entry fees, where applicable, my rates are all-inclusive.  That means your quote will cover planning time, travel, setup/breakdown, shooting time, post-processing, and delivery via a secure online gallery of your finished photos (along with a license-to-use the finished photos).  Be sure to compare my rates accurately with other photographers', as most professionals will charge you twice, once for the session fee and again for each finished photo you order.  While that method is profitable for photographers, I consider it client-unfriendly and therefore I use this all-inclusive pricing, instead.

Q: How far in advance should I book you?  A: Sometimes I am available on short notice, so by all means ask.  But in general it is better to book me as soon as you know your date(s) and have a sense of your needs.  Advance booking helps us work together to achieve the best results. 

Q: How long do you take to deliver my finished photos?  A: I pride myself on quick turnaround and in most cases I can select, post-process, and deliver your finished photos within approximately one week of our session.  Depending on my schedule and the complexity of the project, it may take longer but we will discuss the timing when we plan for your shoot.  When priority delivery is required, I can usually meet your timeframe for an extra fee.

Q: Can I download the raw files that you capture during our session?  A: The short answer is no.  The raw files as recorded directly in the camera are not usable as-is for several reasons.  They are not easily readable without specialized software, and they still need to be processed or they will look flat and lifeless.  A big part of the professional photographer's skill set is their ability to hand-process the selected images into finished photos that will be stunning and unforgettable.  It is not in the client's or the photographer's best interest for raw images to be shared.

Q: May I help in the process of selecting which photos will be finished and delivered?  A: I will occasionally allow performing artist clients (particularly dancers) to view a gallery of unfinished images after the shoot and to help select which ones they'd like to have finished. This step adds time and work for both you and me, but it can be useful in cases such as auditions or promo photos where dance technique must be captured flawlessly.  There may be an extra fee for this service.  If you are interested in participating in the process of selecting your finished photos, let me know in your inquiry form so that I can build in time and appropriately price the project.

Q: Do you pose me (or my dancers/models/actors)?  A: I believe that artists know better than anyone else how they should move, so in most cases I don't provide stringent poses during our photoshoot.  For student or pre-professional dancers, it can be very helpful to have an instructor or A.D. present at the shoot to assist in posing.  And I do offer direction from time to time during the session to suggest what will work best to translate your artistry into a two-dimensional visual story.

Q: What should I wear to our photoshoot? A: In short, it's up to you! Your attire depends on your personal style and your goals for the session. In a typical 45-minute session, we'll often have time for an outfit change, so bring an extra outfit to get a second look!  If more looks are needed, we can schedule a longer session. In general, I recommend wearing solid colors or simple patterns, as very bright or complicated patterns do not tend to photograph well.  Choose wardrobe items that can mix and match, such as a jacket that can be worn with two different outfits or thrown over a shoulder for more variety.  We can discuss your attire when we plan for your shoot.

Q: Do you offer makeup and hair services for our photoshoot? A: In most cases it's best for you to arrive hair and makeup ready so we can use our time together to capture your portraits.  If you need help finding a stylist on the day of your shoot, let's discuss and I might be able to make recommendations.  In general, choose light and natural "street" makeup rather than heavy and vivid "stage" makeup, which often doesn't photograph well.

Q: Do you offer volume photography services, such as a photo day for students at my dance studio?  A: Although I am not primarily a volume photographer, I do offer recital and other photo day type services within certain parameters.  Let's discuss your needs!

Q: What steps do you take to ensure the physical and emotional safety of my dancers (especially the kids) and everyone on my team?  A: I take the safety and well-being of my clients very seriously.  I am SafeSport certified.  When working with minors I am mindful of the importance of their selecting age-appropriate clothing, movement, and themes.  While I work hard to capture my clients looking their very best, I will not alter dance technique or body shape in post-processing.  I carry professional insurance and can provide this information to your venue as required.  A photoshoot should feel fun and personal, not like a competition or chore. In summary, I understand that the performing arts can be a punishing enough field already for artists of all genres, ages, genders, physical abilities, and body types; rather than amplify the existing stress, it is my goal to meet artists where they are on their journey and to collaborate to create unforgettable imagery.

Q: This sounds great!  What's our next step?  A: I look forward to creating something special with you!  Take the next step by filling out this short Request for Quote form.

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