Kyle Adler is a professional travel photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a recent winner of the prestigious international competition Travel Photographer of the Year, and was shortlisted for the 2016 National Geographic Travel Photography competition. Kyle’s work has been published in a variety of outlets internationally including National Geographic Online, CNN, The Telegraph, The Atlantic, and fine art photography books. His images have been exhibited in the UK and the US. Kyle is featured as a Photographer of Inspiration by the leading Polish photography magazine Szeroki Kadr.

Kyle leads photography tours in locations around the world, while also shooting for newspapers and magazines. When not traveling, Kyle publishes a daily travel photography blog, shoots for private clients with an emphasis on performing arts, and is working on a book project. His passion is advocating the use of photography as a bridge to enhanced understanding of the land and people we visit around the world.

Wild and untamed, Mongolia is a deeply spiritual land of nomadic cultures and dreamy landscapes of snowcapped mountains, crystalline lakes, and great swathes of grassy plains and ancient desert. Even today, Mongolia evokes a time when Genghis Khan and his warrior horsemen thundered across the steppe to establish the largest land empire the world has ever known. Discover Mongolia’s diverse land and people, from the bustle of Ulaanbaatar and alpine beauty of Khovsgol Lake to the vast expanse of the Gobi Desert. Meet with nomadic herding families, learn about ancient shamanistic beliefs, ride a camel in the desert dunes, and discover why Mongolia is known as the "Land of Blue Sky" during stays in authentic ger tents—just as modern-day nomads and their ancestors have done for centuries. Travel to Mongolia, a pristine land that time forgot, for an adventure you’ll treasure forever.

Join our small group of photography enthusiasts and experience the thrill of capturing the full range of Mongolia's spectacular beauty. Mongolia is a dream destination for travel photographers, offering breathtaking scenery, unique wildlife, and fascinating cultural encounters. We’ve planned this itinerary to provide ample opportunities to capture unforgettable images that you won't find in travel brochures and on postcards. Award-winning professional travel photographer Kyle Adler will be shooting alongside tour participants and will provide personalized in-the-field instruction. During our optional informal workshops, we’ll review our recent images, plan our shot list for upcoming locations, and cover techniques to make the best images possible. Topics will be tailored to the group’s interests and may cover any aspects of travel photography from shot planning to capture technique, and on to post-processing and image sharing. Unlike most photography tours, we will place a special emphasis on learning to use the camera as a bridge to enhanced understanding of the land and people we visit. Photographers of any level will see their images improve, and non-photographer friends and family are also most welcome to join this tour. You can make memorable images using whatever camera gear you wish to bring; it is not necessary to invest in specialized gear.

Visit the Overseas Adventure Travel web page to  learn more about this photography adventure: Photography Adventure in Mongolia

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