"Something Heroic and Distant" Pandemic Project

Selected Early Recognition for the Something Heroic and Distant Project:

Publications: Dance Informa Magazine (world's largest online dance magazine), PetaPixel (leading photography forum), J. Weekly Magazine

Exhibitions: Abrams-Claghorn Gallery (SF Bay Area), Miles Nadal JCC (Toronto), Santa Cruz Art League (California)

Awards: Honorable Mention in 2020 International Photography Awards (IPA), Finalist in 2020 Travel Photographer of the Year, Selected for LensCulture Home '21 International Photo Prize competition gallery, Honorable Mention in 2021 Annual Photography Awards (APA), Finalist for 2022 Pas de Deux Dance Photography Competition, Shortlisted for the Prix de la Photographie Paris' "State of the World 2022" Competition

Award-winning photographer Kyle Adler launched the "Something Heroic and Distant" Project (the former working title was "Dance Like Nobody's Watching") in April 2020 as a testament to the resilient spirit of the creative community during the most fraught period of the COVID-19 pandemic. The project adhered to the San Francisco Bay Area's extremely strict shelter-in-place orders while allowing local dancers to create, inspiring the community to keep the arts strong during the pandemic, raising funds for those most in need, and documenting this surrealistic time. During the months of April, May, and June, Kyle conducted nearly 40 "distanced photoshoots" with dancers representing a diverse range of backgrounds, dance styles, and quarantine experiences.

Click on a dancer's thumbnail photo to learn more about them and see more photos.

Please consider making a donation today: all net proceeds during the shelter-in-place period will be donated to a nonprofit organization serving those most in need in the Bay Area, and you will receive a digital download of one or more images from this ongoing project.

Léna Alvino

Erin Yen

Lily Sweet

Shaira Bhan

Alyssa and Olivia Mitchel

Dwayne Worthington

Erin Parsley

Marie Walburg-Plouviez

Shereel Washington

Jo Kreiter

Nupur Mehta

Atticus Scherer

Jessica DeFranco

Rebecca Fazio

Izabella Duran-Soriano

Alyssandra Wu

Chinmayi Bettadapur

Asia Dubarenka

Fabiana Santiago

Jessica Maria Recinos

Esra Coskun

Sarah Wellman

Andrea Salazar

Hayley Bowman

Clare Schweitzer

Marika Brussel

KhunNai Pat

Julienne and Natalie Ramskov

Zoey Lytle

Victoria Williams

Yuliya Eydelnant

Cassie Begley

Twilight Lin

Kelly Hong

Karisa and Jenelle

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