"Kyle Adler belongs behind a lens. In the hands of a master, a camera can actually create connections with local people and bring their culture to life. Kyle creates stunning photo narratives of his trips." -- Harriet Lewis, Vice Chairman, Overseas Adventure Travel

"Had a wonderful time with Kyle on the tour. We were a small group and Kyle inquired before the tour about our photography level so he was prepared on who needed technical assistance and who didn't. Kyle gave us tips during the workshop that were useful. But it never felt like a lecture. Actually, it felt like we were a group of friends out exploring together." --Anne, photography tour participant

Q: What travel photography services do you offer?  A: I am proud to offer world-class, award-winning travel photography to a wide range of global travel companies and travel publications. My services are customized to meet the needs of each client, but broadly speaking most travel assignments fall into one of four categories: 1) capturing custom branding and publicity images for travel companies that cannot be obtained via stock agencies; 2) creating stories (or images for stories) for travel publications; 3) making images for regional properties or tourism bureaus; or 4) providing instruction on small-group photography tours.

Q: How are you different from other photographers out there? A: In a word, passion. While technical mastery is an important tool in photography, and as professionals we do need to "get the shot", I believe that the true calling in photography is derived from the stories our images tell and the changes they can inspire in the world. I strive to get off the beaten path, seek the authentic, and create a compelling visual narrative that captures the unique spirit of each place and its people, as well as the universal truths that unite us all. My mission is to balance rendering the artistic beauty of the lands and cultures we visit with advocacy to improve the lives of the people we meet.

Q: How will you help my organization to differentiate and to tell our story? A: I begin every engagement by working with the client to understand their unique brand and campaign goals, and to craft an assignment that will result in on-brand imagery that will achieve the objectives.  Too many photographers work from a "shot list", delivering a checklist of unrelated, uninteresting images; instead, I work to craft a story, and I strive to deliver a compelling series of images from which viewers will experience your brand.  My images don't just document your itineraries, they put the viewer inside the travel experience.

Q: How far in advance should I book you? A: Sometimes I am available on short notice, so by all means ask. But in general it is better to book me as soon as you know your date(s) and have a sense of your needs. Advance booking of at least six months prior to the start of the assignment helps us work together to achieve the best results.

Q: How long do you take to deliver my finished photos? A: I pride myself on quick turnaround and in most cases I can select, post-process, and deliver your finished photos within a few weeks of completion of the travel assignment.  Depending on my schedule and the complexity of the project, it may take longer but we will discuss the timing when we plan for your shoot. When priority delivery is required, I can usually meet your timeframe for an extra fee.

Q: What steps do you take to ensure my team's and our travelers' safety and well-being? A: I take the safety and well-being of my clients very seriously. I carry professional insurance and can provide this information as required. When selecting locations, my first priority is client safety.  I'm also mindful of travelers' comfort level in front of the camera, understanding that in most cases they are not being paid as models but are there to enjoy the travel experience.

Q: We would like to discuss a potential assignment with you.  What's our next step? A: I look forward to discussing your needs and hopefully to creating something special with you!  Please click on the main menu's "CONTACT" button to get the ball rolling.  I'll respond promptly and we can set up a time to talk.

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